Malachi Coan

Malachi Coan weaves stories full of stirring adventure, deep wonder, and the victory of light over the darkness.

His fantasy series, The Immortals, has been taking shape in his imagination for years, and was first revealed to the world in a Classical Conversations writing assignment in seventh grade. Today, it has matured into a gripping fantasy epic in Book One: The Dragon’s Wound, available soon from Hopestar Books. In Malachi’s writing, you will find the awesomeness of The Lord of the Rings, the humor of Redwall, and the gleam of hope that animates The Chronicles of Narnia, all carried along with non-stop action and adventure.

Malachi graduated with highest honors from the University of North Georgia with a Computer Science degree and lives in North Georgia where he enjoys playing Ultimate, conquering the field in airsoft, and pummeling and being pummeled in Krav Maga. If attitude is any measure of ability his cat, Mu, just might take over the world someday.

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Only light sets captives free.

—The Prophecy of the Immortal