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You have to be a fighter for the right reasons.
Sometimes, that’s the only thing holding a warrior back.

—Tornoc of Oridun Village

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Gatewater Publishing tells stories of courage and adventure, loyalty and sacrifice, and the light that overcomes the darkness.

The Immortals

Coming Soon!

Our imprint, Hopestar Books, is the home of Malachi Coan's The Immortals: a series of fantasy adventures full of action and mystery where courageous hearts stand against the rising darkness.

Look for The Immortals, Book One: The Dragon's Wound, coming soon to!

Our works echo with the clash of swords, the gleam of magic, and the beat of dragons' wings.

We believe the best stories point towards the Truth that lives forever.

From Narnia to Mossflower Country, Middle Earth to worlds unknown, travellers who seek the light will find a welcome here.

Jason remembered the tales by firelight that lasted late into the night. By the warmth and crackle of the fire until only the embers glowed, the warrior would weave stories, and the battlefield was brought to life while his audience sat spellbound. Fantastic creatures spread their wings, ghoulish raiders readied their crossbows, and rough centaur warriors thundered towards their enemies, raising a cloud of dust. Troops advanced, clashed, and fell, and all of it fueled Jason, making him long for adventure....

—Malachi Coan's The Dragon's Wound